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I will forever be thankful to Dr.Dubey Sir for his guidance and teaching. Attending his lectures are some of the best recollections I have about chemistry. Under his mentorship I never felt as if I was preparing for an ultra-competitive exam, rather it felt like a fun, knowledge gaining experience. His teaching methodology is unique which uses day-to-day analogies for easy understanding of the subject.

Once again I would like to thank Dr.Dubey Sir because I couldn’t have achieved this rank without him.

Atharva Gaikwad

(B.Tech Mechanical Engineering IIT-MADRAS)

(JEE-MAIN 99.69%tile, Chemistry Olympiad Qualified)

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I am very much blessed that I am a student of Dr.Dubey Sir. His method of teaching is very unique, the way he convey complex concepts to all his students with great clarity is the best part of his teaching. He is very supportive and caring. He is truly an inspiration and one the best teachers in the field of chemistry.

Sushant Mundhe 

(B.Tech Mechanical Engineering IIT-ROORKEE)

(JEE-MAIN Chemistry 99.55%tile)

I am so greatful to have Dr.Dubey Sir, as my mentor for chemistry. Your methodology of teaching is indeed best one as it made all the concepts crystal clear and made the subject easy to understand. Your depth of knowledge inspired me a lot and also created love towards the subject. Due to your practical research experience, the explanations provided were very clear which helped me to get such a good score in NEET as well as JEE Mains I am very much thankgul to Dr.Dubey Sir for your motivation and guidance

Shruti Uday Kharkar 

(NEET Chem Score 170/180)

(NEET Total Score 623/720)

(M.B.B.S. Govt. Medical college, Aurangabad)

Surbhi Kaushik

(NEET Chem Score 170/180)

(NEET Total Score 637/720)

(M.B.B.S. Grant Medical collage, Mumbai)

Just three simple things – pay attention during the lectures, through understanding of the concepts & repetitive revision. That’s all what I did throughout this academic year under the strict guidance of our respected Dr.Dubey Sir. With precise but communicative teaching & interactive doubt-solving, he always made chemistry feel easy. It’s all thanks to him so that I could achieve my goal.


Sudarshan Karhale 

(NEET Chem Score 160/180)

(NEET Total Score 650/720)


Raghav Gupta

(Bachelors Of Computer Science in

University of of Berkeley, California, USA)

Highest Distinction Excellence Award in

Australian Chemistry Quiz by Royal Chemical Society,



I consider myself to be very fortunate to be taught by Dubey sir. Sir’s subject oriented approach ensures an in-depth understanding of core concepts which translates into errorless problem solving. Also Sir’s individual targeted doubt solving sessions further consolidated my understanding. 

Pranav Choudhari

JEE-Advance Chem Score 97/124

JEE-MAIN Chem 99.93%tile

(KVPY – AIR 300)

Chemistry Olympiad Qualified 

Shubham Deshmukh

(B.Tech Mechanical Engineering) (IIT-BHU)

I am very much thankful to Dr. Dubey’s Institute of Chemistry for guiding me in chemistry. Sir have always helped me to boost my score. His inspiring words have kept up my confidence. He was always ready to clear my doubts & other problems. I have always worked according to his guidance. His support has helped me to pursue great heights. It was one of my best decisions to join Dr. Dubey’s Chemistry Institute. He just simplified the chemistry. It was a great experience to study under his supervision.
Adarvi Shah


Dubey’s Chemistry class is the best coaching for chemistry. Dubey Sir taught us the subject in a simplest language which can be easily understood by me. All the difficulties were solved in the simplest manner. He taught chemistry not as a subject but as a quiz which we love to solve. We enjoyed learning chemistry. I suggest every NEET aspirant to joint Dr.Dubey’s Institute for studying chemistry with fun.

Sagar Jadhav

(M.B.B.S, K.E.M Mumbai)